Monastery Orahova

In just a few kilometers from the city Virpazar in one of the small villages Montenegro is the Orthodox monastery Orahova. It is part of the ancient state of Zeta and the legacy of Balsic.

No significant time Orahova construction of the monastery to the present day has not been preserved. However, in historical chronicles can be found recording era king Milutin, dated 1314-1318 years, in which the monastery mentioned as a small branch Vranjina monastery. The walls Orahova, as in many other monasteries on Skadar island, in addition to the prayers worked to copying church books.

The monastery complex consists of privately body and two one-nave church. The first one was built approximately in the XIV century, and is now in a derelict state. The second, slightly smaller, was built much later, in the XVII century. Its interior was painted in 1663 by Vasily Njegos, and the iconostasis of the 22 icons - the work of the Macedonian masters Dzhinovski. In 1909, the construction of the monastery bell tower Orahova abound, much-needed in the monastic life. XX century has brought to the territory of Montenegro, a lot of troubles and wars. During this period, the monastery complex began to decline. Monastic cells still remain in ruins and only starting to recover. Orahova is an active monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

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