Skadar lake

A huge freshwater Lake Skadar, located on the territory of Montenegro and Albania and the biggest in the Balkans, was previously the Gulf of the Adriatic Sea, and is currently separated from him alluvial isthmus. The total length of the coast of the beautiful creations of nature is 168 km. Some parts of the bottom of Lake Skadar are below sea level, such places are called underwater keys or "eyes", and on the lake there are about 30 pieces. The average depth of the lake is 6 meters, and a maximum of about 60 meters.

This majestic body of water is very beautiful, populated by a huge number of birds and fish rich variety of fish. On its shores are many cozy villages and on islands, which number more than 50, harmoniously complement the wonderful views of churches, monasteries and ruins of castles. All this invariably attracts the attention of tourists every opportunity to witness the beauty of this ancient and beautiful lake. Skadar is a flowing lake, with supply and ottochnye river so its waters completely renewed twice a year.

Фотографии Skadar lake

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