Monastery Starcevo Gorica

The monastery Starcevo Gorica is located on an island in the Sratcheva Skadar Lake near the town of Virpazar Montenegro. For a long time he lived in solitude on the island of the old man, who led a righteous life, and his life to prayer. With the speed of light spread a story about a hermit-monk Macarius, who lives on the island and local residents. They called the name of this island Starcevo, which means "island of the elder." When I heard about this story ruler Montenegro George I Balsic, then immediately ordered to build a temple on the island to help the old man.

In 1378 the local seaside wizard built on the island Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. After the death of Macarius Monastery some time called the name of "St. Macarius the Elder," but renamed soon in "Starčevo Gorica". Subsequently, one of the largest centers for re-writing of religious books was established here. The most valuable is a handwritten copy of the center of the gospel from the monastery Starčevo Gorica, which can now be seen in the library of Venice.

Since 1540 in the chapel of the monastery church rests the famous pioneer of Montenegro Bozidar Vukovic. He worked in the print shop at the State Chancellery of Ivan Crnojevic. During the Turkish occupation of the territory of Montenegro Starcevo Gorica monastery fell into disrepair. The entire island was handed over to the Muslim clergy, and kept cattle in the monastery buildings. Many graves were desecrated and the buildings were in a dilapidated condition. Restoration of the monastery Starčevo Gorica started in the 1960s. In 1981 he found and restored the burial Bozidar Vukovic.

As part of the architectural complex of the monastery includes the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, monastic cells, farm buildings, which are surrounded by a high stone fence. The architecture of the monastery is represented by the majestic church with a central dome. Was attached to it from the west porch and two side chapels. Initially, the church walls were decorated with frescoes. However, up to now we have not been preserved frescoes. Today, the monastery Starčevo Gorica is active monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

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