Monastery Upper Brchely

The top Brchely monastery located near the town of Virpazar at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. According to numerous legends the monastery was built in the era of the reign of Balsic. The main church of the Holy Virgin was built much later. Its construction in the XVIII century produced Montenegrin Metropolitan Danilo I Petrovic, who used it as his winter residence. Since then, the monastery has its second name "Monastery Petrovich».

One of the most famous abbots Upper Brchely Reuben was Archbishop II. He lived in the XVII century and took an active part in social and political life of the state of Montenegro at the time. Using his diplomatic skills, he successfully resisted the Turkish invasion, without the help of the Venetian Republic, for which he later suffered. His Turkish spy poisoned in 1685.

Located on the hillside monastery complex consists of four buildings surrounded by a high stone wall, which includes the Church of the Holy Virgin, the bell tower, monastic cells and a school building. The monastery church is a small building with a semicircular apse without a tower, its dimensions are 10.5 meters long and 5.5 meters wide. The church is built of hewn stone blocks, the accuracy of fit uneven stones says the high skill of architects. Above the entrance are made small arched niches with carved crosses. The floor is made of stone slabs. The iconostasis in the neoclassical style by Peter Cholanovicha appeared in 1928. Exclusionary housing in the western part of the monastery in their appearance reminiscent of a classic country house, since it has arched doorways in the lower part of the building and the terrace on the second floor.

In 1863, by order of Prince Nikola I Petrovic School was established at the monastery, one of the oldest in Montenegro, which in 1868 at the request of the community moved to the monastery Lower Brchely. In 1906 the entire monastery complex underwent major reconstruction. The earthquake in 1979 severely damaged the monastery, restoration works were completed only in 1993. Since that time in the monastery of Upper Brchely located monastery of nuns.

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