Black lake

Black Lake is located near the center of Zabljak the territory Durmitor National Park. Its area is 516 000 square meters, with a maximum length of 1555 meters. The lake is located at an altitude of 1416 meters and is glacial. From the highest point you can see how the Black lake, fall into the small and large lakes, and only a narrow 60-meter isthmus connecting small and large lake. It is interesting to note that the length of a large lake of 855 meters and a maximum depth of -26 meters, although a small lake is 600 meters long and 50 meters depth.

In the spring of tourists manage to catch the moment when the water from one lake flows into another, creating a picturesque waterfall. duct summer dries, and both lakes exist independently of each other. The shores of the Black Lake are overgrown with dense pine forest, which is reflected in the water, giving it a very distinctive "black" color of the lake and was named the Black. However, the water is so clear that the lake in depth during calm weather can be seen up to 9 meters. Local residents called this lake "mountain eyes" or "mountain eyes". Even in the summer, due to the location of the alpine lake, the water is cool and the winter and all covered with a thick crust of ice. However, towards the end of summer, the water warms up to tolerable temperature of 20 degrees above zero, and those wishing to take a dip in the purest lake there are many. For tourists entrance to the Black Lake paid, or rather a paid entrance to the national park, on the territory of which the Black Lake.

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