Bobotov Kuk (2522 m)

Bobotov Kuk is the highest peak of the mountain massif of Durmitor, and the fourth highest peak in Montenegro. In many publications, you will see the information that Bobotov Kuk is the highest in Montenegro, it is because the three higher peaks are located in an array of Prokletije on the border with Albania, and are part of the slopes in the territory of Albania, not so completely Montenegrin considered.

In the turn, Bobotov Kuk is entirely in the territory of Montenegro, is a symbol of the country's beauty, and the closest peaks to the Montenegrins heart. The rise of the Bobotov Kuk (2522 m) - is a relatively easy trekking route. The path begins at Bobotov Kuk from Zabljak, passes by Black Lake and goes back Durmitor National park, to the highest point in Montenegro, taking an average of 6 hours of progress. The second way to the Bobotov Kuk originates from the village of Saddle, is spread by the numerous descents and ascents and climbing in the middle of this path is 3 hours.

Фотографии Bobotov Kuk (2522 m)

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