Ice cave

Ice Cave is located in the Durmitor National Park 7 kilometers from the town of Zabljak at an altitude of 2180 meters above sea level. Inside the Ice Cave, it is an unusual natural museum, which consists of numerous stalagmites, stalactites, different shapes and sizes. Of course, the beauty of the underground nature can truly delight the true connoisseur.

It is interesting to note that the stalagmites and stalactites can not melt even in the hottest weather. These natural creations like high columns with a small hole in the middle, because they are formed by the water that drips from the top and freezes, forming an ice pillar. The Ice cave plenty of water. She is dripping everywhere. In this connection, it is possible to fill any container, typing clean drinking water. This water is characterized by a surprisingly pleasant taste, which makes a lovely nature. The bottom of the cave covered by ice. Some form of deepening pools of unusual form in which there is water. Deep inside the cave go long corridors, which attract many tourists who want to taste all the trails Zabljak.

The cave entrance for the whole year is covered with snow. At this point, the mountain steep slope is different, so you need to be very careful. Despite this, the journey can not be considered especially dangerous. The main thing to look carefully at his feet. Travelers can be sure that they will conquer ice cave with its beauty in all seasons. Therefore, here the journey is always justified!

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