Monastery Dobrilovina

The monastery Dobrilovina around Zabljak is the most famous in the territory Durmitor National Park.

Built here in the XVI century in honor of St. George the monastic cloister was the main religious center on both banks of the Tara River. The first mention of the monastery dates back to the year 1593 in the official documents of the Turkish authorities. Therefore, the researchers conclude on the basis of an earlier monastery.

According to popular legend, the church was built on the donations of Nemanjic dynasty, however, the exact evidence of this has survived. In subsequent years, the monastery Dobrilovina mentioned in the sources are much more likely. In 1602, a monk monastery Joseph gave one copy of "Octoechos", and in 1609 the local abbot Joachim money Milosevic magistrates and local princes restored and painted the St. George Temple. In 1699 the monastery were placed the relics of Archbishop Arseny, and in 1749 the monastery church was renovated again. After 1799 for the monastery fell on hard times. At first, it was destroyed by Turkish troops, and came to a complete standstill. Main monastic values ​​and ceremonial objects were hidden in a secret cave, but back to the monastery and did not return. The next 30 years, the monastery was empty, until in 1833 the monk Macarius with the help of Ivan Savic and pop Vida not restored it, however, the Turkish invaders again soon expelled the monks of the temple. A new attempt to bring life back to the monastery undertook Hierodeacon Michael Dozhich in 1867, but in 1877 the Turks once again destroyed and burned the church and all the monastic buildings. In 1905, the church at the monastery was rebuilt. During the Second World War were lost valuable monastic manuscripts, they were killed in the bombing of the National Library in Belgrade. Finally, restore the monastery Dobrilovina was only in 1989, but construction and restoration work continues to this day.

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