Zaboyskoe lake

Zaboyskoe lake located in the Zabljak administrative district of the city, located at an altitude of 1477 meters above sea level. It is comfortably hidden surrounded by dense coniferous and beech forest. 19-meter depth of the pond making it one of the deepest in the Montenegro, and unspoiled natural beauty - this pearl of the national park lurking.

The lake is great for fishing, it contains rainbow trout, which the locals prefer to call the word "brkach". Once at the lake, you can enjoy its clean and cool water, saturated color emerald green, the peace and tranquility that is only broken by a barely audible murmur of a mountain stream. Due to the exceptional natural values ​​Zaboyskoe Lake is under the protection of the national reserve.

Фотографии Zaboyskoe lake

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