The city of Agadir is located in the south of Morocco, directly on the Atlantic coast. This is saying a lot, especially about the fact that this city is a kind of the tourist capital of the African country. Tourists at almost any time of year there are so many who come mainly from Europe and North America. And it is not accidental that almost always calm gentle ocean attracts a lot of people who have decided to use well and relax.

Of course the coast is literally full of various buildings, hotels and restaurants. As a rule, all the rooms in these hotels are located overlooking the ocean, and it is very romantic, especially when you go out for dinner on an open area of ​​the restaurant at sunset, frankly just not transmitted sensations. But along with the infrastructure of rest, here there is also a sufficient number of historical and cultural buildings and medieval buildings, which is certainly a visit, especially in the old part of the city, is located the fortress of the XIV century buildings, which is so well preserved after centuries, that you can even climb upstairs where admire the view from the top, from where one can see all the spectacular coastline, and almost every house in the city. Still, this castle is now a kind of museum, which houses a large number of household items and of course weapons.

In general, the city itself, as it were divided into two parts, is the historical old part and the new, modern, where already there are night clubs and disco bars. In general Adagir is a city of dreams, where it is worth visiting and of course to relax with all my heart.

Фотографии Agadir