Beni-Mellal in the Middle Ages was the commercial capital of South Africa, where six major roads converge leaders, both from Europe and from the very heart of the Sahara desert. This gave impetus to the prosperity of the surrounding region, so now the city's population reaches nearly a million people.

Beni-Mellal is located in a valley of the mountain range "Middle Atlas", which hides it from strong winds coming from the hot desert, in fact the climate here is very humid, which gives impetus to the prosperity of the region. Numerous orange and banana orchards surround the town and give him the lion's share of trading profits. But part of this area of ​​Morocco and lives off tourism. For a long time visitors to the city do not stop, although many hotels offer a good rest, and designed for long stay guests and travelers. As a rule, I stop here numerous excursions, especially to see in Beni Mellal is what. The first is to visit the palace - fortress Hadi Pasha, located right on a cliff that literally hangs over the city. To go to the palace to be walking the entire trek takes four hours, but it's worth it. After all, the fortress can be seen every 25-30 kilometers ahead. The most important thing from the castle is now made a kind of museum, which houses a lot of household items, weapons, and of course, those centuries. According to this, visiting the museum, you can plunge into the history of the region, and it is quite rich in events!

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