High Atlas

High Atlas in Morocco called big mountain peaks located in the west of the legendary city Beni-Mellal, the height of these peaks reaching 2300 meters, and the length of 50 kilometers. In this area of ​​Africa lies the magic and mysticism. And it is not accidental that the tourists, lovers of various sacraments carry on the tour is here where one of the legends in the cave lies the ancient flying beast, petrified, of course. But before that you need to reach the cave, the more the path is not close, on foot it takes about six hours. But as a rule it does not stop the interested traveler. Also there is House of Eternity, where you can learn the history of the building, on its walls depict people and animals of different ages, a lot of things ministers of this stone structure. But all the inhabitants of this place were the wars that kept various relics in secret caves in all parts of the High Atlas. Find these relics certainly now impossible. Next adventurous waiting overnight under the stars on the top of the mountain Nukadu, where there is an impression that you are on the edge of the universe. Located near the fire, local legends keepers necessarily tell about one of them. The two caves nearby live witches who sometimes show different magical mysteries that you will not see anywhere else.

At the foot of the mountains flows a noisy river that descends on giving from the heart of the High Atlas. Where can replenish fresh water and even plunge into its icy cool.

Фотографии High Atlas