Casablanca - the most developed and the most populated city Morocco. Despite the fact that it is located in the most that neither is a Muslim state, skyscrapers, advanced technology, expensive luxury restaurants, hotels, entertainment - all this characterizes Casablanca more like a European, not an Arab city.

In the Middle Ages, Casablanca was a very prosperous city. But his "life path" she had hard times: first in the second half of the fifteenth century it was destroyed by the Portuguese, and then, after a long restoration, again fell three hundred years, but now from a natural disaster - earthquake, but fortunately, the city was restored. During the French occupation of the early twentieth century, the city grew rapidly - being completed, recovering, approaching European standards. After obtaining the independence of Morocco in 1956, Casablanca has undergone enormous financial difficulties, but the active growth of the industry and tourism city back to its former glory.

In addition to high-rise buildings, shopping malls, Western chic and luxury in the city as there are elements of the east, which prove that Casablanca - it's still a city with Muslim customs and traditions. Many mosques and churches, endless labyrinths of narrow streets, markets, Pestryaev colorful goods from the local population - that is, the Arab side.

The main attractions are the Hassan II Mosque, unique in its beauty Palace Mohammed Fifth, the church of Notre Dame de Lourdes, the United Nations Square, the huge Twin Towers. In addition to all kinds of facilities, the hallmark of Casablanca rightly be regarded as the white sandy beaches on the Atlantic Ocean.

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