Hassan II Mosque

The Great Mosque of Hassan II - the most enormous mosque on the Atlantic coast, was built in Casablanca in 1986.

The building work was carried out for 13 years. For the construction of the mosque were invited the most experienced builders, skilled craftsmen and artists unparalleled. Most of the building materials were imported from areas of Morocco, however, the snow-white granite and crystal chandeliers were ordered and delivered from Italy. Several thousand tons of mosaics for the decoration of exterior and interior were made by Moroccan craftsmen 5 years. Only 35 thousand workers were attracted for the construction of the mosque. Great designs, colorful paintings, lined with mosaics, intricate carvings: all this was the fact that the mosque has become a real example of modern Moroccan craftsmanship.

Hassan II Mosque is the largest mosque in Morocco and the second largest worldwide. A lump on its territory may be more than 100 thousand faithful. On the territory of the mosque is a library, a school and a museum.

The construction of the mosque was carried out on the donations of the faithful, and the total construction cost is estimated at eight million dollars. Every Friday for the evening prayer in the mosque is going to more than 20 thousand faithful Muslims.

Фотографии Hassan II Mosque