Fez City - one of the oldest and largest cities of Morocco.

The city consists of three parts: Fes el-Bali, Fes-Ville Nouvelle and Dzhdid. The first part - the oldest. It is surrounded by medieval walls and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fez Dzhdid - quarter formed in the thirteenth century. A huge number of unique monuments of architecture, created by the founders of the city - Māridīnī. Third, the new part - Ville Nouvelle or New Fez - was formed at the beginning of the twentieth century, in 1916. Then Morocco, according to the contract, was under the influence of France, resulting in a new area of ​​the city was built in the European style. Each quarter, the city is unique: Fez el Bali is considered the most "complicated" part of Fez: it can be found more than five thousand streets, creating a kind of labyrinth, fourteen gates, many temples and mosques located closer to the center, the famous leather dyeing; Fez Dzhdid greets visitors Royal Palace, Jewish Cemetery and areas, beautiful gardens Buzhelud; New Fes is different from the old medina, not only architecture, but also the attitude of people in the norms and customs: there are no prohibitions on the streets with all sorts of cafes, restaurants, drive expensive cars, motorcycles, mopeds, girls do not pay attention to Islamic principles, dressing well, as the heart desires; West had a profound influence on the modern part of the city, its residents instilling a love of fun and enjoyment, not to a life according to certain rules.

The city is located the oldest and largest religious institution Al-Karaouine, named after its founder - Fatima Al-Fihri of Kairouan. During its existence, the construction is constantly expanded and now holds a more than twenty thousand believers! That is why the Thessalonians can rightly be considered the center of education and Islamic culture in the northern part of Africa.

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