Bahia Palace

This building is the main attraction in the city, because the Bahia Palace carries the history and culture at the same time in Marrakech. Building Style Arabic course, as in the nineteenth century there lived senior sultans, who loved luxury and good decoration. Of course over time as a result of numerous warrior in this region, some of the things Moroccan rulers had been stolen, but given the fact that Marrakech is a tourist town, the local authorities of our time had to recreate and restore both the palace and the interior of his state, including pictures on its walls.

In general, the Bahia Palace is in itself quite impressive and the infrastructure - it is a vast area in the center where the edges are situated stone benches and long tables, apparently, they were to be placed on their numerous guests. There is a small and stable for six horses and four camels. Circling the palace precinct with a high stone wall, on which there are loopholes even for shooters. All this was done to his beloved wife vizier Sidi Moussa, who lived there with other wives. It is said that his wife was so loved that the Vizier few years literally stuffed with gold and precious stones that palace, in particular fountains, set in the courtyard, were edged with precious metals. Now Bahia Palace is visited almost all the tourists who have visited Marrakesh as all the tour begins with him as starting and impressions of the whole of Morocco.

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