El Badi Palace

The most important attraction of Marrakesh El Badi Palace is located in the old city. It was erected at the end of the XVI century, at the behest of Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur.

For the construction of the palace were ordered and brought the best materials from Europe and Asia, and invited the most skilled builders and craftsmen from all over Morocco. 25 years, they have worked tirelessly to many more years all marveled at the grandeur and wealth of the palace. Outside the room were covered with gold leaf and decorated with beautiful Italian marble.

The original palace consisted of more than 3 hundred rooms had a private pool and a huge yard. However, after the overthrow of the Sultan Mansur palace building was destroyed and looted. For this kleptocrats took nearly 10 years and today only from a distance resembles the palace of their former greatness. Old ruined wall, overgrown garden, the pool remains of ...

But even looking at it now, conjure the true face of the palace, luxury majestic walls, grand arch, evergreen garden, where in the shade walked the Sultan and his entourage ...

Фотографии El Badi Palace

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