Koutoubia Mosque

The biggest mosque Koutoubia for centuries a symbol of Marrakech. The mosque was built in the XII century, during the reign of Dynasty Abd al-Mu'min, by order of the Emir Yacoub al-Mansour. The mosque is so majestic and colossal in size, which can at the same time accommodate more than 20 thousand people.

In the early years, the mosque was used not only for religious purpose. Just on its territory has a library, a school and a university.

On the outside of the mosque is decorated with colorful mosaics, the interior striking in their snow-white. Tower of the mosque is so high that it is visible from every corner of the city. Koutoubia Mosque is crowned five golden domes. All this gives the minaret special touch of elegance, mystery and grandeur. The complex floating atmosphere of peace, serenity and tranquility.

Currently, access to the mosque are only Muslims. People who adhere to another faith can only visit the area of ​​the mosque, which is located on the stunning park.

Фотографии Koutoubia Mosque

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