Saadian Tombs

Saadian Tombs - a complex of buildings Cellars, where the sultans were buried in the family and their approximate Saadians Marrakech. Saadians Dynasty were the rulers of Morocco for over 150 years. The construction of the tomb was started at the end of the XV century by the order of Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur.

For many years after the collapse of the Saadians dynasty ancient complex was abandoned and subjected to destruction under the influence of the environment. Newly opened it in 1907, restored to its former beauty, and he began to attract tourists as the main attraction of the city.

On the territory of the tomb is about 60 graves. The interior impresses with its richness and beauty. Three halls are decorated with carved wooden tracks in the Moorish style, gravestones ornaments made of natural marble, imported from Italy.

12 most famous tombs are located in the center of the tomb, including burial place of the son of Ahmad al-Mansur. Immediately above the tomb, in the garden, buried the government officials and military leaders sultans Saadians.

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