Blooming Nador is a gem of the African republic Morocco, after the middle of last century, the Spanish authorities have withdrawn their troops from the region and ceased to consider him as his, then I took a kind of cultural revolution, the whole area is literally transformed. Nador is now a flourishing tourist town, at the junction of the two bays in these areas are practically no high winds, so ocean water is always crystal clear and important late. The coast, which has a rather impressive streak, just perfect for relaxing, gentle range of sand, where you can soak up the sun.

The city has many hotels, both modern five-star and made the ancient way. In general, the history of these places is very rich, because in the Middle Ages, there was a large number of significant events. Nador destroyed several times as a result of the war with European states, which once has consistently attempted to colonize the region, so these wars were smaller fortifications located on the edge of the old town and on those structures in the two places are guns aimed towards the ocean . It is not surprising because the enemy always came by ship, very few people dared to move a great desert.

Фотографии Nador