Capital of Morocco - Rabat, million-city, located in the east of the country. Already in the 3rd century on the banks of the river Bou Renreg was a settlement from which the history of development of the city began, but his name was given only in 1170.

In contrast to the Europeanized Casablanca capital of Morocco is now one of the centers of Arab culture and education. Even in times of Yakub al-Mansur in the city a large number of castles were built mosques and minarets. However, after his death began a period of chaos and destruction. There are documents, of which it is known that in 1515 the city represented a total of 100 small houses.

The revival of Rabat began in the 17th century. It was built quarter with administrative buildings Ville Nouvelle, and thus after the recognition of Morocco as an independent country in 1956, left his capital Rabat.

The city surprises with its unusual architecture, which is a mixture of Europe and the East. Despite the fact that Rabat - a modern business center, it is fully retained his Moroccan oriental flavor.

Rabat is one of the most comfortable cities in the world for life - the average annual temperature here rarely goes beyond favorable values. Frosts are rare and all the precipitation falls in the winter months.

Фотографии Rabat