The Moroccan city of Tangier is the second largest city of the African republic. His main achievement is the development of tourism and trade. For tourists here are treated with special care, as they bring in the treasury the most money on this on the coast of the Strait of Gibraltar is very developed a specific infrastructure, in general, where there is a break and what to see.


In Tangier has a rich history and culture, it is packed with a variety of structures, columns and monuments of the Middle Ages and antiquity. But the main local attraction is the underwater caves of Hercules, which with enviable regularity carry a variety of excursions, where you can scuba dive with an instructor, to explore these caves, the more pleased with the fact that the weather here almost all year round favorable.


After a rest on the beautiful beaches, you can simply explore the city itself, and of course to make a memorable photo. In Tangier many mosques, churches and other churches, who say that the local population of the city of different religions, although here when there was one, and lived here only Muslims, but with the arrival of the Europeans, religion stir significantly.

Фотографии Tangier