The legendary city of Tetuan, which Europeans call the flower of tourism, is located not far from the Mediterranean Sea, as part of the African state of Morocco. History of Middle-earth began from here, so in Tetouan collected a large number of different monuments and world heritage sites, which have been preserved here just in perfect condition. The city itself, one might say, is an oasis of life, as its infrastructure is a matter of respect and a natural admiration.

The culture and history of these places rich in past and present way of life. On entering the city there are large stone gate, when it came to their big trade caravan that came here from all over Africa, even crossing the great desert. The fact that trade there has developed a very profitable, so the markets can be profitable to sell a particular product. But the heyday of Tetuan was in the middle of the eighteenth century, when the governor made his Moroccan capital, although only eighteen years old.

In medieval times, there are some rulers held their residence, built castles and structures adjacent to it. So in the royal complex of any tourist or traveler, I would recommend to visit the large stables, in that once housed up to two thousand chosen horses. Although the two enclosures and still keep the descendants of horses, each worth several tens of thousands of dollars.

In any case, resting in Morrocco, you should definitely visit the fabulous city of Tetuan.

Фотографии Tetouan