Anuradhapura - is the ancient capital of the Sinhala state on the island of Sri-Lanka. The history of the city's foundation, named after a star in the constellation Scorpio, lost for centuries. In ancient times, the city was surrounded by a high wall, to protect it from attacks by invaders. The city was full of temples and churches, had running water and sewers that for those years was very rare.

Anuradhapura is located in the center of the continent, so there are no beaches, but still the city gathers in its warm embrace of thousands of tourists. Now the city is a popular tourist area with well-developed infrastructure. The ruins of the old town is a historical monument and is under the protection of UNESCO.

Most of the memorable places and attractions of Anuradhapura are located in the old town. To view them better use the transport because its territory is so large that you will not have gone through it yourself. Here grows the tree under which Buddha received his sight. Of particular note is a statue of Buddha in meditation. This is the ancient statue on the island, it was unknown sculptor carved in the 4th century. In general, in the city there are more than 10 statues dedicated to the Buddha.

Every year, pilgrims from around the world in a hurry to visit Anuradhapura and feel the grace of the place for yourself.

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