Badulla is the most exotic city island republic Sri-Lanka, then almost all literally buried in the vegetation, with the mountains nearby buildings virtually invisible, as they maximum three-storey and made of wood. Badulla naturally of great interest to tourists, which in the summer is coming here to forty thousand people at a time, and it is said that here and developed a network of economy hotels. Of course, most of the vacationers in Sri Lanka come here with numerous excursions, as there is to see that. In particular, people are attracted to deep river called Badulla, which proceeds in a sufficiently large and beautiful waterfall Dunhinda, which involves a lot of legends and stories, which tell the tourists. At the site of the waterfall drop of water mist is formed, in which you can go and enjoy the cool, especially since the climate in this region is very hot and humid on the visitors its difficult transfer. Disappointing that, the fact that the coastline is 30 kilometers from the city on this every time before it is necessary to get a taxi.

Even as the attractions is to provide high budistsky temple, which in any case need to visit, as his statues and images on the walls tell the story of these places.

Фотографии Badulla