The port city of Galle is located in the south-west Sri-Lanka. The city's name comes from the word "halo", which translated from French means "rooster". Legend has it that the ship sailors straying from Portugal morning heard the cock crow, and thanks to him, came to the shore. They gave the city its name.

The city is home to about a hundred thousand people. The inhabitants are Buddhist, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. Most working people are busy Galle fisheries and processing of agricultural raw materials. The most famous attraction in the city is recognized as Galle Fort, built of granite in the 17th century by the Dutch. Galle Fort is the largest fortification structure throughout Asia, preserved to our days. Several centuries it was the main harbor for ships traveling between Europe and Asia.

A wide variety of beaches here attracts not only tourists but also residents from across the country. The most well-known not only in Halle, but also for its chapels is considered to Unawatuna beach. He circled by coral reefs, making it safe for tourists. The gently sloping beach planted with lots of trees and the absence of waves attracts a large number of families, families with children. From time to time during the migration to the big turtle come ashore.

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