The city of Hambantota, located in the south of Sri-Lanka, was known in the Middle Ages thanks to its port. Here Chinese and Far Eastern moored boats and ships.

Because of the arid climate Hambantota for many years was a very poor region, however, in recent years the government has invested a lot of money in the development of the region. Already in the city built more than a hundred of hotels with different price and "star" category. Long clean beaches filled with sun loungers and deck chairs, which makes the rest of the ocean as comfortable as possible.

The economy is fishing and fish processing, agriculture and evaporation of salt.

On the territory of Hambantota are several nature reserves with unique species of animals, birds and plants that you are no longer met in any corner of the earth. Filled with lakes and fern groves they serve as homes for elephants, antelopes and even leopards.

Hambantota hides a surprising and unique world that existed on the earth hundreds of centuries and preserved to our days in good condition. Picturesque landscapes and rich religious heritage will not leave anyone indifferent.

Фотографии Hambantota