Hikkaduwa - very popular tourist resort with good infrastructure and facilities for an unforgettable holiday. The town stretched for many kilometers along the ocean, is known for its smooth, no pollution sandy beaches. Here is the headquarters of the surfers - having left a bit to the south of the main beach, you can see how happy surfers conquer the waves on their boards. Swim here is risky because of the huge waves, but jump on the waves just right.

In addition Hikkaduwa on the right is designed to be the best resort for diving, because the village is located on a unique coral reserve. More than 70 species of colorful corals underwater city created unprecedented beauty, among which flashed multicolored fishes of different sizes. Maxi day snorkeling are sold at every step. Along the coast is a huge amount of restaurants and souvenir shops. There can be a quick and tasty snack and buy a souvenir.

For those who are indifferent to the underwater world, Hikkaduwa prepared other attractions. is a Buddhist temple in its surroundings, on the lake near which is home to a huge number of birds of different species. Of course, if the vacation by the ocean, the Sri-Lanka if Sri-Lanka, Hikkaduwa is!

Фотографии Hikkaduwa