Jaffna - one of the oldest cities in Sri-Lanka, located in the north of the country. Since ancient times, it is considered the cultural center of the Tamils.

Almost 25 years on the territory of a civil war. As a result of many years of conflict, the city was destroyed. Before the outbreak of hostilities Jaffna was the largest city in the country. Now comes the reconstruction of the city, but so far it looks as if the war ended yesterday.

It is very rarely come to tour groups, on the grounds that to do here is almost nothing. And shaking in the bus 9:00 dare not everyone. However, if you do decide on this journey you will be something to see. At the entrance to the town of your view will open minefields - the terrible evidence of war.

In most cases tourists in Jaffe visit old forts, Hindu temples, and public library. Jaffna Library is known for its tragic history. It holds about a hundred thousand of unique books, but in 1981 sinigaltsy burned the library building with all its contents.

Фотографии Jaffna