Kalmunai - the largest city on the eastern coast of Sri-Lanka. The town is inhabited by different peoples, and is divided into 4 districts.

The worst hit by the 2004 tsunami, he still has not recovered from the most deadly natural disaster occurred in Asia. Thousands of homes destroyed, blown dozens of lives left a sad mark on the Kalmunai and its inhabitants.

Although the main streets of neat, in some places there are nice houses and nice cottages, on secondary streets most of the buildings in a dilapidated and dangerous condition.

In Kalmunai hotels can be found in good condition, but their choice is not great and the prices are not the best.

Despite the gently sloping beach, clear water and a long coastline tourist groups here almost not visited by. The beach is very dirty rubbish and the remains of buildings, still not removed after the last tsunami. By the shore of a huge number of moored fishing boats and is a terrible smell of rotten fish, which flew an incredible amount of black flies and other animals.

Kolmunay more suited to the pass between Trincomalee in Argumay Bay.

Фотографии Kalmunai