Kandy - a wonderful city, located right in the middle Sri-Lanka. It is considered one of the ancient capitals of the island, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city is full of unique attractions. For example, In the center is an artificial lake Bogambara. In the middle, on a small island is the Royal Summer Palace, where at one time Sri Vikrema Radzhasinghe kept his harem. On the shore of the lake is the Temple of the Tooth, or as it is called, Sri Dalada Maligawa - the symbol of Kandy. It is the most important and valuable for the Buddhist relic - a tooth of the Buddha. It is thanks to him Kandy in 1592 received the status of the new capital of the state, when the Portuguese took over most of the island. On the territory of the royal palace there is an interesting museum - the Museum of Sri Dalada. The exhibition includes many exhibits, such as rzultaty archaeological site, the documents from the time of colonization, various gifts made by the temple of the Tooth of Buddha. Behind the museum, located on a hillside Udawattakele reserve, protected by the state. Here you can see the oldest vine that is over two hundred years, Senankandu cave, the highest peak Kodimal, pond, several temples. The town also has a museum dedicated to religion - an international Buddhist museum, which brought to the attention of tourists, and the statue of Buddha images, replicas of temples from around the world, describes the customs and traditions of Buddhism worldwide. The most beautiful place is considered Kandy Royal Botanical Gardens, consisting of a collection of more than four thousand plants, among which there are rare, medicinal, spicy types.

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