The city of Kataragama in the south-east Sri-Lanka. In ancient times Kataragama was a very small village in the middle of the jungle, but today it has acquired the status of city and continues to grow. The city is divided in two river Ganga Menico. In the northern part are the most famous attractions Kataragama, the southern part is a residential area with cafes, hotels and shops.

The city gained great popularity thanks to the legend that says the Hindu god Skanda came down from Mount Kailash and went to the place where his trident fell. Who built this place of the god Skanda temple which attracts thousands of pilgrims every year in the hope of healing. Coming to the temple each pilgrim hopes to split the coconut, because if you give in to the nut, then the owner is waiting for a year, full of wonders, but if it bounces - expect trouble. No less famous religious monument is the stupa dazzling Belo Kiri-Vejer. There is a legend that is kept inside the stupa sword, which the Buddha cut his hair to abandon worldly life.

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