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Matara Sri-Lanka

PHOTO Matara Sri-Lanka

Matara - the largest city in the south of Sri-Lanka. Matara is not the most popular tourist destination: here is poorly developed tourist infrastructure. However, to visit this city is worth at least because there are several interesting attractions.

The city is built in a European colonial style. The city is the most beautiful church of St. Mary, which was built in the 17-18 centuries. She is acting.

Nowadays, Matara shocking tourists for its exquisite scenery, unusual architecture, the warm Indian Ocean and fabulous beaches "Bounty". Matara is truly recognized as one of the most picturesque cities in Sri Lanka today. Respect for the past helped preserve monuments of religious architecture and in perfect condition.

Walking through the narrow streets of Matara you seem to find yourself in Europe, inhabited by Asians. Along the houses built in the European style, it is important to march sacred cow; here and there are benches, where local merchants sell fresh fruit.

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