The city of Polonnaruwa, is located in the north, it keeps a great religious and cultural heritage. In the Middle Ages it was the capital of Sri-Lanka. When the city was founded, it is not precisely determined, but it is known that the first settlers came to this land in the 2nd century BC.

During the archaeological site of the ancient city was discovered, consisting of hundreds of thousands of homes and streets, dozens of destroyed temples and palaces. Now this ancient monument is a tourist attraction, is under the protection of UNESCO.

Here, to plunge into the mysterious world of the past, it tends to get a myriad of travelers. The most important attraction of the old town is a temple, which is popularly known as the Stone. Four statues of Buddha carved from solid granite rock, surprising in its scope and plausibility. The oldest of the statues located in the middle of the rock, and was carved in the 10th century AD. It is a Buddha seated on a lotus throne and with his hands in the gesture of meditation. To the right is a statue which has caused a lot of debate and controversy among scientists and historians: seven meter statue of the standing Buddha in pose with hands joined on his chest. This image draws attention to the unusual position of the hands and a slight bending of the body.

The new town is filled with cafes, restaurants and luxurious hotels, but there are few entertainment. Rest at Polonnaruwa bring great aesthetic pleasure, spiritual enrichment, and many previously known but useful information.

Фотографии Polonnaruwa