Puttalam one of the 25 districts of Sri-Lanka, located in the north-west of the island. the city has a population of about 70 thousand inhabitants. Most profess Buddhism and Christianity.

Within the city are many mosques and temples in which they pray to their gods parishioners. Near the town of the same name is a lagoon where local residents are engaged in fishing and salt mining. The water is so salty that the lagoon can provide Sri Lanka salt reserves for many years, and the dry climate makes Puttalam best place for its production. Salt is mined from the depths of the lagoon, it is evaporated in the sun in a natural way and is sold in every city of Sri Lanka.

In the city center is the cement plant, but the highest income residents receive from the agriculture and trade. Now it is gaining popularity shrimp farming.

The most common sporting passion in Puttalam recognized football, created the city team that plays in the national championships. Entertainment and attractions in Puttalam there is little, so the tourism in the area is poorly developed. Lone travelers drop in here in search of privacy and to enjoy the local flavor.

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