This is a great place for holidaymakers and holiday in Tangalle is very cheap, because the local authorities are trying a lot of tourists from different countries can be greater lure. Moreover, special emphasis is placed on the middle-class vacationers from the group. Generally this exotic corner of the republic Sri-Lanka, attracted by the beauty of the sea coast, especially the beach bar here is very extended, so stop sunbathing and swimming can be almost anywhere. There are, of course, for one thing, the fact that the beach is dominated mainly of sand, where occasionally there are also large stones, that they are even dangerous for swimming, as a large wave could hit a man on the stone, the more such cases were in these places abound. By this, it is best to choose a place to bathe themselves more thoroughly recommend equipped for this site.

The city Tangalle, in general, can hardly be called a city, there are very few big houses, and coastal hotels, made mostly of wood and cordon hidden under dense vegetation. The streets between the buildings are very narrow, but they are quite extensive and can go on one of them from one end of town to another without getting lost. The population of the town is the working people who live mainly in tourism, this explains their good attitude to any visitor.

Фотографии Tangalle