City - Fort Trincomalee is located in the east Sri-Lanka. Fort Ostenberg, defended the Trincomalee harbor was built in 1632. Now in its territory it is the naval base.

The favorable climate, long beaches, which fades into the mountains, picturesque coves, magnificent coral reefs, thermal springs, interesting history, sights - all this attracts to the city of Trincomalee huge number of tourists from around the world. Thirty-kilometer beach, stretching along the city attracts residents and visitors alike for its cleanliness, sea surf and a great choice of entertainment. Everyone will find something for everyone. Fans of quiet rest can relax on a sun lounger in the shade cast by the palm trees, and the extremists for all conditions to go diving or snorkeling. In a couple of kilometers from the city is the island Pidzheon known for its reefs. Hundreds of fish and turtles will surround you in an underwater journey, while you explore colorful coral. In addition to beautiful beaches, Trincomalee is rich in historical sites, religious buildings and monuments. In the vicinity of the town are the ruins of ancient Buddhist temple, where thousands of pilgrims come every year to pray.

Sri-Lanka has recently become a very popular holiday destination of Russian tourists, but unfortunately, not many are aware of the existence of Trincomalee.

Фотографии Trincomalee