Vavuniya - a city in the north of Sri-Lanka. A good place on the road to make a stop between Jaffna and Colombo. City in ancient times settled by Tamils, and in the XIII century, there has developed a large community. The main occupations are farming in Tamil and fishing.

An unusually beautiful nature in the vicinity of Vavuniya. This coconut forests and stunted jungle. A local fauna is also striking for its diversity: such bright flamingos, buffaloes, calmly munching grass heron in proud poses, playful monkey.

As you know, in 2004 the island was covered by a powerful tsunami, but apparently its northern provinces, including Vavuniya, have suffered from the disaster to a lesser extent. Fully preserved main architectural attractions.

For tourists the most interesting, most likely, will visit the Church of St. Mary in the town of Madhu, about 50-60 km from Vavuniya. The more that a few years ago the authorities Vavuniya allowed to open a church for pilgrims and believers. For tourists in the vicinity of Vavuniya has numerous bungalows, where you can stay.

On the tour policy can recall, perhaps, only the camp "Menik Farm" in the vicinity of Vavuniya. This kind of inflatable field hospital, a hospital for the 220,000 internally displaced persons.

Фотографии Vavuniya