If you have not decided where to go for a vacation, then Wadduwa is a great option for family vacations. Wadduwa is a popular exotic resort on the south-west of Sri-Lanka. Incredible beauty captivated more than one kind of vacationer. Golden beaches washed by the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean. At the water's palm, coconuts hung like beads, bent over the coast, creating hot days in the charming freshness of its shadow.

It is comfortable at any time of year and the water temperature does not fall below 26 C. If you can not swim, or do not like waves travel is better to choose the period from October to April, this time is very calm sea and very rarely fall rain.

The unusual name of the resort comes from the Vedas lekarey- who once lived in these places. In addition to an unforgettable beach holiday in Wadduwa famous for its radiant and friendly locals. They will smile every guest.

If you enjoy outdoor activities, then you definitely will Wadduwa do. Diving, sailing, surfing, water skiing, golf courses and much more you will not miss a single moment.

Seeing Beauty Wadduwa own eyes you will want to return to court again and again.

Фотографии Wadduwa