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This is a way to escape from everyday life, a great opportunity to turn off the phone and forget about business. This is a great step towards the development of their vision and cognition of the true picture of the world. Getting to know the culture, customs, cuisine and way of life of people outside of its range. Independent tourism - a great chance to get a lot of new emotions, relax body and soul

Ordinary tours

Ordinary tours

This is a tour for beginners, beginners on their way to our planet. travel options when you decide for tour operators. When you purchase a standard tour should not count on a good hotel, beautiful view from the rooms and the lack of your compatriots. Even if you buy a tour in the most exotic and unique country, make sure together with you will rest a small group of your fellow countrymen. Hotel menu is focused on overseas audiences. Staff is friendly with a huge stretch, you're not a rare and dear guest for them. You have the freedom of choice of excursions from the tour operator, but in these places already visited by hundreds of thousands of people and a unique story to return home you will not. Free guided tours are recommended to avoid, you will spend a lot of valuable time, forced a million visit the most expensive shops and leave them your hard earned money on all the small stuff. While traveling through the packet round of full immersion in the culture of the country and the values ​​of the tourism can be no question

Self journey

independent travel

The first is boundless sense of freedom! Visit the most standard and non-standard tours of the individual program. This complete freedom to choose the route, stopping in all the fascinating places look, independent planning time required for the study of any attractions. Independent selection of restaurants, food and cuisine type. Whether it's a slice of pizza and pasta in an Italian restaurant or a juicy cooked lobster on the ocean. All this will be yours, and only yours desire here and now! This is the almost complete absence of compatriots during the entire trip. It's hotels, hostels, where happy to meet and at home serve any tourist. In general, the choice is always yours! And once you are on our site, then I will assume that you are ready to taste all the delights of the free, the best trip!!!

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