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Types of food

Often, booking a hotel, travelers do not understand on what food can expect when staying. When choosing a hotel you definitely caught the eye of incomprehensible abbreviations in front of the item "Power". That's what they really mean:

types food RO

Room only. You book only accommodation. All beverages (including tea and coffee), and the food will have to buy extra.

type food BO

Bed only. Without. Similarly, variant RO accommodation.

type food AO

Apartaments only. Without. Similarly, variant RO accommodation.

type food BB

Bed&breakfast. It's quite popular power scheme on the European continent. You can take advantage of breakfast or buffet with scrambled eggs, sandwiches, sweet rolls, etc. For lunch and dinner you have at the café, not related to the hotel.

type food BB+

Bed&breakfast +. This abbreviation to denote an extended breakfast with extra services. At present, very rare in hotels.

type food HB

Half board. This type of food includes breakfast and dinner, and you will have to dine elsewhere. Some hotels, for further request of holidaymakers can replace dinner meal, but it is necessary to further clarify when booking or during registration at the reception.

type food HB+

Half board +. Thus it is indicated the type of food in hotels, which is different from the half-board free drinks at dinner.

type food FB

Full board. With this type, you will have the standard three meals a day and drinks for lunch and dinner have to pay extra.

type food FB+

Full board +. Similarly, full-board meals with free drinks for lunch and dinner.

type food AI

All inclusive. A favorite scheme of supply of Russian tourists in the resorts of Turkey and Egypt. In this case, you will have to wait a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Quite often in this type of diet are included and additional meals in the form of pizza and ice cream. You will be available absolutely free beverages, including alcoholic, but local production. For alcoholic drinks have to pay.

type food UAI

Ultra all inclusive. Type of food completely includes the scheme of "all inclusive", but with free alcoholic beverages imported. Sometimes in this type of diet also includes lists for additional services such as: tennis courts, boat rental, massage, etc.

Additional designations breakfast types

When specifying the type of food the hotel you can meet and additional symbol serves breakfast.

type food CB

Continental breakfast. Light breakfast consisting of coffee (tea), juice, rolls, butter and jam. It is proposed, as a rule, in European city hotels.

type food EB

English breakfast. It is a fairly dense meal, as happens in the form of hot eggs or cereal, toast, jam, butter, coffee, tea and juices.

type food AB

American breakfast. Even more than a hearty breakfast English. This includes meat, cheese and sausage cutting.