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Types of hotels

With all the numerous variety of locations for independent travelers all over the world, all of them are classified into groups according to the rules established by the World Tourism Organization.

The ordinary man is hard to find in a variety of hotel types and names of the services provided to them. Hotel, apartment, apartment hotel, Botel, spa hotel, Floatel, guesthouse, chalet, B & B, apartments, hostels and many others. We systematized information on the types of hotels and spread for you.

Network hotels

Network hotels

The first chain hotels first appeared in America. Their main feature is the standardization of service, comfort, cleanliness, rooms, accommodation conditions and friendly staff, regardless of the country and the hotel location. After a rest day in one of the hotel chains, tourist knows exactly what will be waiting for it in any other hotel of this network. Once in a strange city, you meet a familiar hotel brand as an old friend. Today, every fourth hotel in the world is a network. The world's largest networks, owns more than 35,000 hotels around the globe.



«SPA» symbols recently in the world of tourism to the hotel's name began to appear. The presence of such a set-top box in the name of the hotel means the presence of a wellness center, to carry out extensive health and anti-aging treatments, sure to be able to attend gyms, swimming pools, massage rooms. Usually in hotels such as «SPA» comfortable room, quiet and relaxation is located to the atmosphere throughout.

Boutique hotels

Boutique hotels

Boutique hotels This luxury hotel the highest category, which primarily care about individual style and great design throughout. Services provided in boutique-hotels, carried out at the highest level. Resting in a hotel of this level, of course, must have a fat wallet. The cost of living in such hotels is very high, but they are located mostly in the heart of the resort-town.

Ski hotels and chalets

The ski hotel is a traditional building of hotels and charming buildings in two or three floors of logs with a sloping roof, called chalets. These traditional alpine huts copy today at many ski resorts. Settle these hotels near the ski slopes and lifts, sometimes skiing can start directly "on the door."



Type Logie is located on the territory of national parks and nature reserves, or next to them. The main feature of this type of hotel is its external similarity with traditional homes of local residents, which fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape. These hotels are constructed from environmentally friendly materials and meet all the rules of comfort and leisure safety. Logie, usually a detached bungalow (stone or wooden houses with thatched roof), where are located the reception, rooms, restaurants, and so on. D. The rooms have all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay. The cost of renting lodges are usually included in the cost of the safari, and call it fun can not be cheap.

Business hotels

Among all the hotels distinguished specialized business hotels, which have their own distinct clientele. There you can find everything that is needed for negotiation, conference device, comfortable work at any distance from the office. Business hotels are located in most areas of business activity and major economic centers. Service is provided here is executed at the highest level. Managers of hotels very carefully watch the selection of the personnel, since it should match the level of offers holidaymakers here.

Hotels-resorts or resort-hotels


Hotels-resorts have on their territory all the necessary for a comfortable beach holiday. Almost all of them are located on the coast provide umbrellas and deck chairs, animation program for leisure, fitness centers, tennis courts, spas, swimming pools, several restaurants and cafes. The main disadvantage of this type of hotels is considered "closed", the inability to know the country, its people and culture, as their territory all adapted for European holidaymakers and travelers. Here westernized food and usually the type of food "all inclusive".

Apartments and apart-hotels

Apartments and apart-hotels

Apartments are apartments, and sometimes part of the house or a villa with a separate entrance for each room, which are rented out to tourists from different countries at any time. Usually in hotels of this type in each room there is a kitchen for self-catering holidaymakers food. There is quite modest level of service, and at times, and his complete lack. This is a fairly modest accommodation for the budget traveler.


That term refers to hotels that are located in the city and offer a wide range of services. Depending on the level of service and the level of services provided they are of different "stardom", which respectively impact on the price of rooms. The hotels of this type often stop for a short time to visit the local attractions, or during short-term business trips.

B&B (Bed and Breakfast)


"Bed and Breakfast" is a budget hotel that travelers used to only be able to spend the night to clean up after an active time. Managed by B & B hotels as one family, and often do not have a "star" classification. In this case it is in the Bed and Breakfast can be more than a taste of the traditional cooked with his own hands the region's cuisine, feel the comfort of home and country flavor.



This youth hotel, which stopped the travelers wishing to save on accommodation as much as possible. Where the cheapest rooms, which are large shared rooms with bunk beds and lockable cupboards. The hotel has a women's, men's, as well as combinations of the room. In these rooms stop between 12 and 20 people. The lower beds in a room, the more expensive accommodation. They are often one toilet per floor.


Mini-hotel is one of the most popular types of accommodation in big cities. Mini-hotels have 6-20 rooms, a small kitchen and a reception. A cozy atmosphere, the quiet, renovated and reasonable prices. The disadvantage can only be called a small area of the room.



This roadside hotel, located near major highways and roads with high traffic road transport. Usually motels are one or two-storey buildings. Access to rooms is from the street or directly from the parking place. The cost of an overnight stay in such institutions is low, as the low and the level of security and service provided.

Guest houses

Guesthouses are a budget B & B hotels for tourists wishing to spend their holidays more economically as possible. For the most part, they are scattered along the main beach resorts in Asia. Guesthouses are two or three storey buildings with 20-30 rooms, a homely atmosphere and a small number of staff. As a rule, in the house, in addition to tourists and is home to all of the hotel's host family. This type of accommodation is not subject to any classification and rarely comply with all the rules of sanitary-epidemiological norms. But tourists coming to Goa beaches for a month or two, this fact is not particularly frustrating.



This camp for cars, bikes and cycle tourists who are in the countryside or near the sea. They offer a place to sleep, often in tents or summer houses equipped kitchens and some basic amenities.

Floatel, Botel

Floating hotel, a kind of "resort on water", which is seasonal on a floating basis (floating jetty, barge, ship, etc.). To organize Botel used properly equipped vessel.


Aerogostinitsa or "flying hotel." This is very expensive type of equipment placement and landing area is located far from civilized places, which you can reach only by air.

Alcazar and Pousada


Ancient medieval castles and monasteries, Moorish or other styles, which have recently been used as a high-class hotels. Most often this type of hotels are found in Spain and Portugal.

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