Bac Giang

The province of Bac Giang is a natural and historical heritage of Vietnam. It is here that there are virgin forests where you can find a huge number of rare animals and exclusive plants.

In general, Bac Giang is a unique center of folk medicine, where local prospectors collected the maximum number of medicinal herbs, of which subsequently obtained healing salves and ointments. There are many fertile fields and fast rivers, so agriculture is at an advanced level of land treatment. In this region carry on trips and tourists to look at the tea plantations, which go from the plains to the mountains. In the mountains, the travelers waiting for the numerous Buddhist temples, the smallest by area in the world, reminiscent of Christian chapel.

You can get acquainted with the city on a journey on a small boat on the river. For three hours you fully inspect all Bac Giang. The city is very much scattered over long distances of private houses, so the city itself takes a large area, even though the Vietnamese living in these places, a little bit.

is ayvaznyh candles Museum, which are so fond of visiting foreigners in the center of the square. There are in it in the evening when it gets dark, because all the beauty of candles can be felt only in the dark. In general, the city has a large number of historical and cultural monuments and buildings, as Bac Giang has passed a long way of its formation, in which he was helped to the British and French.

Фотографии Bac Giang