Bac Kan

Bakkan - the smallest province in Vietnam in terms of population. Most of the province is covered with impenetrable thickets. There are mountains, lakes and lots of rivers. Bakkan famous nature reserve - national park. It is home to countless insects, birds and mammals. Many of them are listed as endangered and are on the verge of extinction, they can be seen only here in Vietnam.

The city was built in the XIX century and was a fortress. This fortress is a symbol of the Vietnamese resistance against the French colonialists. Provincial city is an important administrative center. There are very few architectural landmarks. It is of interest a couple of Buddhist temples built in the years of struggle against the French invaders.

But the most important wealth of the city and the province - is nature. No wonder all the tours pass through the unique forest trails, among the thickets of reeds and bamboo, under the hooting of birds and primates. Visit waterfalls and lakes is an integral part of all programs. Also, tourists like to visit the cave. The most famous of them - Cave Puong. It has many rooms, the compositions of stalactites and stalagmites. The only drawback for tourists comprise the bats - they are here for more than 10 thousand individuals.

Фотографии Bac Kan