Bac Lieu

Bac Lieu by far the most modern city Vietnam, since there are many hotels and luxury hotels, there are bars and disco dance floors, many sports facilities and residential buildings resemble Manhattan skyscrapers. Total of Bac Lieu has achieved everything that twenty years ago, due to the development of tourism, trade and attracting foreign capital.

At the beginning of the XX century, there were bloody battles between various factions that supported the colonial countries such as Britain and France, though, no matter what, the people of Vietnam was unified.

Still, the Europeans have contributed to the history and spiritual life of the Asian region, in particular, almost a quarter of the population of the city is the Catholics and Christians. Therefore, there are several churches and chapels. But a true masterpiece of art is a central Buddhist temple, where in the middle there is a huge statue of the Jade Buddha, and on the edges of the building is decorated with colorful ornaments, not typical for these churches. This suggests that the Vietnamese during the various cultural revolutions and made their individual contribution to the development of their spiritual life.

Tourists are brought to walk the famous museum Tyazyanskogo host where you can see objects and items collected during and after the war of liberation. Of course, tourism here is not sufficiently developed due to the remoteness of the sea coast, while on a tour of foreigners brought here quite often and many remain there for a few days.

Фотографии Bac Lieu