Bac Ninh

Bac Ninh - North Province Vietnam, located in the delta of the Red River of the river. This is the tiny size province on the entire peninsula. The administrative center is the city of the same name. In the fall of 1884 in the city clashed with the colonialists from France and the Vietnamese army. The French managed to capture the city, so that he became a political, economic and cultural center. City Bac Ninh is a historical site, which is a shopping center of Vietnam II to X century. Railway communication with the city appeared only at the beginning of the XX century.

The city is not developed for tourism, so there are few hotels. However, hotels that still there are different excellent service, cleanliness, and the staff here speak Russian and English, so people coming in Bac Ninh on a business trip, difficulties with accommodation arises. Village of Dong Hoi, located in the province, is famous as a center of traditional Vietnamese woodcuts. Woodcut is the oldest technique of engraving on wood.

In 2009 on the territory of the city it was built and put into operation on the cellular phone manufacturing plant in the famous Samsung company all over the world. The plant's capacity is more than one hundred million phones a year.

Фотографии Bac Ninh