Can Tho

Can Tho is a huge Vietnamese city where vanity reigns at almost any time of year and it is no coincidence, because the population is quite poor people, who earn their food mainly themselves, engaged in fishing or rice farming in the humid lowlands in the river delta.

On the river there's a lot that is connected, to be more precise, it is associated with life itself, because Tho consists of a large number of islands, located in the line of the river, to some extent, reminding European Venice. Naturally this city famous for its tourist attractions, attracting tourists from all over the world. Fortunately in Can Tho there are quite impressive hotels, which can be located up to 500 people at a time and even more. Nevertheless, tourists visit the city as a tour course along the river, because only there is the legendary floating museum Savuzhskih infidels, where the walls of the two-storey wooden building adorn various relics of antiquity, some of which tell their history and culture. In addition the museum has a natural and a guide who will tell all and show.

In general, a leisurely boat rides at sunset, along a quiet river is something unimaginable, which can give peace. As a tourist entertainment, of course, offer fishing on the float rod, where caught, the small fry fires on floating kitchens.

Фотографии Can Tho