Da Nang

Danang is located in the central part of Vietnam. The city has an international airport, port and railway station.

During the day the city is quite boring and not attractive, but after dark cafes and restaurants include street lighting, Danang and is transformed into the real world of lights and colored inks. From everywhere came the music, hear the laughter of tourists strolling along the warm streets.

Danang is famous for its beach, China Beach in the whole world - a fine as flour, soft and clean sand; warm as fresh milk, South China Sea, attracting millions of tourists from all over the world into its warm embrace. It attracts not only Europeans, but also the Vietnamese themselves from all cities.

Visiting Danang in late April, you have a unique opportunity to get to the fireworks festival. Different countries show the wonders of fireworks in the sky, competing for the top prize. This svetopredstavleniya you definitely will not see anywhere else.

You can buy souvenirs in the markets, of which the city is more than 50 pieces. Magnets, souvenir plates, pearl and natural stone jewelry, clothing, footwear, fruits and vegetables and much more you will find on the stalls of local traders.

Фотографии Da Nang