Dong Xoai

Dong Xoai a small Vietnamese city, which is primarily notable for the fact that it passes through the primary, the Republican route, which is of strategic importance. That is why, through Dong Xoai passes many tourist, bus columns, which are naturally moving towards the sea shore.

Sometimes the city make a stop for three, four hours, for what would have to walk through it and enjoy its culture, which is quite rich and diverse. But any tourist should be well aware that you need to go with a guide, or where can separate without his permission, because lost here very easily, because the streets in this place simply do not have clear boundaries.

Still, the city center attracts many foreigners, especially pearlescent eye Venus, which is enclosed in a white metal circle. The very ancient god statue of Venus, is located high in the mountains, there live some monks who worship him, but the local population has long professed Buddhism. Once in the main square there is a green star or heart of the city, to which residents are Dong Xoai with undisguised awe. That is why here come the newlyweds, that would touch the green heart and absorb the power of love and how the second half, and to green the world.

Established Dong Xoai from a historical point of view recently, only two hundred years ago, though of course there was a little village in its place. But during this time, the city suffered a great deal, it is hungry, resulting in destruction of five warrior, but now all in the past. Now attending Dongsan just wonder its beauty and culture.

Фотографии Dong Xoai