Hanoi in Vietnam, once known as the capital of all Europeans colonies. It is not surprising, because in the XIX-XX century, there came together the main interests of the British and French, so for Hanoi had a lot of battles and political agreements concluded. About This fact testifies to the many museums and monuments. In particular a special status by UNESCO enjoys the Temple of Literature, where all historical information and relevant data in order to know that the entire history of Vietnam since the fifteenth century.

Of course Hanoi attracts more and more tourists, including from Russia, since Russian state here involves a lot of events, so many hotels staff is fluent in Russian. Almost all tourist hotels aimed at organizing various trips, as there is something to see. While in town for two weeks, it is still not a review of all attractions. But the principal, which in any case worth a visit. First of all you need to visit the picturesque Lake Tai, located within the boundaries of Hanoi, it lures here all local residents, visiting him to relax by the water on the working days. The lake is big fish swim, they can be clearly seen, as the water is crystal clear. But tourists are important medieval buildings are located at the edge. In any case, the city is to walk and enjoy all unusual for the European man the local lifestyle and culture.

Фотографии Hanoi